Avinda Enterprises
Avinda Enterprises
Case Study
Avinda Enterprises
A Digital Transformation Journey through POS, Inventory, Workflow, Reporting, and Customer Relationship Management
Automotive & Spare parts

Avinda Enterprises is the largest aftermarket stockholder for Mercedes Benz in Sri Lanka and serves thousands of customers in Sri Lanka. The company deals in Mercedes Benz parts and has been doing it successfully for more than 30 years. Avinda has the widest range of Mercedes-Benz parts with brands covering all budget ranges of customers.

The Requirement

Avinda Enterprises operates in a highly dynamic market, accommodating a substantial number of customers daily, and presenting a significant volume of business operations. To meet the demands of this fast-paced environment, the company sought a robust, end-to-end software platform capable of streamlining and integrating all critical business functions within a unified, centralised ecosystem. This solution would provide a centralised database, efficient workflow management, and robust reporting capabilities, all while facilitating seamless data exchange between disparate business functions. With this in mind, Avinda Enterprises aimed to optimise its business processes, increase operational efficiency, and drive growth.

The Solution

Avinda Enterprises Solution

HighFlyer successfully deployed its state-of-the-art low-code HighFlyer ERP system to Avinda Enterprises, thereby addressing the ecosystem's needs and streamlining the company's operations. This comprehensive solution included crucial functionalities such as accounting, purchasing, sales, inventory management, front office point-of-sale (POS), and customer relationship management (CRM) modules.

The deployment process was further enhanced by HighFlyer's internal expertise, who provided re-engineering services aimed at boosting the efficiency and stability of Avinda's business processes. The end result is a more integrated and optimized business operation with the solution we provided, with Avinda Enterprises now having the ability to make informed decisions based on accurate and real-time data insights.