Breaking Language Barriers
Chinese HotPot Restaurant
Case Study
Breaking Language Barriers
Enhancing Restaurant Operations with Multilingual POS, Multilingual Invoices, and Reporting
Authentic Chinese Dining

Everyone in the tech industry is aware that upgrading an existing system is much more difficult than building a brand-new one from the ground up. When attempting to replace a preexisting business information system, developers had to contend not just with the existing technological solution, but also with the underlying human-oriented challenges, such as hard-wired concepts, previous procedures, and practices.

We've been working on a new challenge for a new client recently. Colombo, Sri Lanka is home to this excellent Chinese eatery. This Chinese restaurant boasts over 40 years of history as one of the city's oldest authentic Chinese dining options. As a result, they had established procedures that had been followed for years.

The Challenge

This restaurant had both Sri Lankan (who were fluent in Sinhala and English) and Chinese (who were fluent in Mandarin Chinese) employees. However the previous POS system and the invoices were in Mandarin Chinese. Therefore the restaurant wanted the POS system user interface and printing invoices to support both English and Mandarin Chinese. This was a real challenge for non Mandarin Chinese fluent employees. Furthermore, the previous POS system was unresponsive, so improving its speed is essential. The restaurant reports were required to be viewed by different stakeholders based on item categories which was a basic feature of our low-code POS platform.

The Multifaceted Solution of HighFlyer

Chinese Hotpot POS

The current invoicing system is written in Mandarin Chinese, which has presented a challenge for our restaurant. As a result, we have decided to include both the Chinese and English names for each product to accommodate customers and employees who may not be familiar with the Chinese names. This will make the ordering process smoother and more efficient. With the low-code simple POS platform, the efficiency has increased considerably. To make the ordering process even more convenient for our customers, we have decided to offer item-specific and category-wide discounts on food. This will encourage customers to try new items and also help boost sales for our restaurant.