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Designing and Deploying a Cloud-Native IT Ecosystem for a Hong Kong Corporation

A Case Study of HighFlyer's Cost-Effective Solution

Hong Kong-based Conglomerate
Designing and Deploying a Cloud-Native IT Ecosystem for a Hong Kong Corporation

Designing and Deploying a Cloud-Native IT Ecosystem for a Hong Kong Corporation

A Case Study of HighFlyer's Cost-Effective Solution

Beginning in 2021, the Hong Kong-based conglomerate SenseTronics appointed HighFlyer to design, develop, and deploy their IT ecosystem. With the organisation's chairman having an engineering background, HighFlyer was able to explain the underlying technologies effectively and assist in determining the best solutions for the organisation. The client sought a cost-effective solution that would optimise their IT infrastructure.

Building the IT Ecosystem

Initial Planning and Requirements Gathering

Initial plans called for a simple network infrastructure consisting of a primary LAN connection with Wi-Fi. Due to the organisation's significant reliance on cloud-native products, it was determined during the requirements gathering phase that a backup internet connection was necessary. Consequently, a load balancer was used to connect two active internet connections from different ISPs, ensuring uninterrupted connectivity.

Selecting the Operating System

Choosing an operating system was straightforward. After analysing the requirements, a stable, low-maintenance, and user-friendly operating system was needed. Ubuntu 20.04 LTS was chosen due to its extensive documentation, community support, and readily available YouTube tutorials. HighFlyer’s preference for Ubuntu aligned perfectly with the client's needs.

Integrating Office Suite Solutions

The client requested Microsoft Office as their primary office suite. Direct installation on Linux was impractical without a third-party compatibility layer such as Wine. Instead, the client opted for Microsoft Office 365 (O365), accessible via web browsers, providing the necessary functionalities without compromising on compatibility or user experience.

Enhancing Local Language Support

To support input in Sinhala, the client was introduced to Helakuru and Google Input Tools, which transliterate user inputs. HighFlyer developed a bash script, the Ubuntu Sinhala Font Configuration Utility, which substituted the existing font globally with Google Noto Sans Sinhala, ensuring seamless local language support.

Cloud-Native Operations

Simplified Backups

With all operations running in the cloud in real-time, backups were straightforward and required minimal effort. The cloud-native approach ensured data integrity and availability without the need for complex backup solutions.

Training and Onboarding

Before the staff transitioned to the new system, HighFlyer conducted a brief training session. This session included instructions on how to power down and reactivate the desktops, along with an overview of the Linux environment. This preparation ensured a smooth transition and minimal disruption to daily operations.

Deployment and Troubleshooting

Hardware and Software Updates

A small number of laptops and desktops were updated with Ubuntu 20.04 LTS, with most of the hardware supported out of the box. Two main issues required troubleshooting: a malfunctioning Ubuntu display server and multiple power interruptions resulting in a file system error. These were swiftly addressed, ensuring stable and reliable system performance.

Benefits of Linux

Linux offers several advantages, including the absence of software licensing fees, reduced susceptibility to viruses and security risks, and enhanced stability due to fewer software update problems. However, hardware compatibility must be verified beforehand, and users may need skills to resolve common issues. Every system has inherent trade-offs, but Linux proved to be a robust choice for SenseTronics.


The collaboration between SenseTronics and HighFlyer has resulted in a cost-effective, cloud-native IT ecosystem that enhances operational efficiency and reliability. By adopting open-source solutions and providing thorough training, HighFlyer ensured a smooth transition and long-term benefits for SenseTronics. This case study highlights the importance of strategic planning and the adoption of modern technologies in achieving sustainable business growth and operational agility.

SenseTronics is a Hong Kong-based conglomerate. HighFlyer is a technology consulting firm specialising in digital transformations and cloud-native solutions.


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