Case Studies

Transforming Sun Lanka Auto Traders to a Fully Digital Environment

A Case Study on Optimising Workflow and Reducing Costs Through Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation
Cost Reduction
Automobile Modifications
Transforming Sun Lanka Auto Traders to a Fully Digital Environment

Key Outcomes

Comprehensive Digital Transformation

From paper-based to digital-first operations

Cloud-First Strategy

Reduced IT infrastructure costs and enhanced scalability


Sun Lanka Auto Traders, a leader in the aftermarket automobile modifications industry in Sri Lanka, specialises in car stereo systems, window tinting, and a wide range of other vehicle enhancements. Recognising the need to modernise its operations to remain competitive, Sun Lanka embarked on an ambitious digital transformation journey. The aim was to enhance operational efficiency, improve customer engagement, and significantly reduce operational costs.

The Transformation

Workflow Optimisation and Technological Upgrades

The digital transformation initiative began with a thorough analysis of existing workflows to identify areas where digital solutions could replace inefficient paper-based processes. The company transitioned several workstations from Windows to Linux, leveraging the open-source platform’s stability and cost-effectiveness. This move reduced the company's dependency on costly software licences and aligned with its new strategy of adopting a digital-first approach.

Standardisation of Communication

To streamline communications, Sun Lanka Auto Traders implemented a standardised email mechanism. This system facilitated efficient and secure document sharing across departments, enhancing overall productivity and eliminating delays caused by manual handling of documents.

Infrastructure Simplification

A significant aspect of the transformation was adopting a cloud-first strategy, which involved migrating essential services and storage solutions to the cloud. This transition allowed for the decommissioning of underutilised physical servers and networking equipment, leading to substantial savings on maintenance and energy costs. The cloud infrastructure also provided greater scalability and flexibility, enabling Sun Lanka Auto Traders to adjust its IT resources based on current business needs.

E-commerce Platform Migration

Recognising the need to modernise its sales channels, Sun Lanka Auto Traders migrated its outdated e-commerce platform to Daraz, Sri Lanka's leading e-commerce service. This move streamlined the company's online sales operations and tapped into Daraz’s robust logistics and delivery network, enhancing customer service and operational efficiency.


The comprehensive digital transformation at Sun Lanka Auto Traders resulted in a dramatic reduction in IT infrastructure costs and significantly improved the efficiency of operations. The company experienced enhanced data security, faster response times to market changes, and improved customer satisfaction due to more streamlined and reliable service offerings.


Sun Lanka Auto Traders' shift to a fully digital environment exemplifies the power of digital technologies to redefine traditional business operations. By embracing a digital-first strategy, Sun Lanka Auto Traders has not only reduced costs but also set a new standard for operational excellence in the aftermarket automobile modifications industry. This case study underscores the critical role of strategic planning and the adoption of modern technologies in achieving sustainable business growth and operational agility.


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