Streamlining Application Development with Frappe Framework
Frappe Digital Signage
Case Study
Streamlining Application Development with Frappe Framework
A Case Study on HighFlyer's Digital Signage Display App
Low Code

Developing quality software at a rapid pace is a top priority at HighFlyer. With its robust architecture and rich ecosystem, Frappe, the open-source, low-code web framework, has allowed HighFlyer to realise this target with unparalleled efficiency. We have succeeded in making production-ready solutions fast for different business contexts using out-of-the-box building blocks and pain-free customizations it supports.

The case that is a testament of Frappe’s ability to streamline and speed up development.

Digital Signage Display Application for Frappe Marketplace

HighFlyer previously got the opportunity to work with a client who had a use case for a digital signage display application. Though its development didn’t involve Frappe at the time, it inspired us to try and develop a similar product for the Frappe marketplace, as our way of giving back to Frappe’s open-source community.

Since it was a product targeting a wider user base, the proposed application needed to provide customization options to the end user and be ready for use with a minimal setup time even when the user didn’t have previous experience with Frappe.

It also needed to control access to different parts for guests and logged-in users.

The app idea itself was simple and didn’t involve any complex logic. However, HighFlyer would have had to spend an unnecessary amount of time adding some common capabilities to the app, such as database setup, user login, and access control, if it had taken the traditional route.

Choosing Frappe as the development framework allowed us to avoid putting an effort into developing these base features and instead focus only on the application logic.

How did Frappe enable this?

Frappe comes with inherent support for handling databases, user login, and access control.

It also provides the ability to build custom forms that handle complex data types like Rich Text, allowing us to use the platform as a CMS for creating and designing signages.

The Signage Display app, in its first version, is now available for use on the Frappe Marketplace