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Optimising Business Processes with ERP and PoS

HighFlyer transforms Avinda Enterprises with cutting-edge digital solutions

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Optimising Business Processes with ERP and PoS

Key Outcomes

All-in-One System

Unified ERP system encompassing all key business functions

Enhanced Efficiency

Streamlined operations with real-time data insights


Avinda Enterprises, renowned as the largest aftermarket stockholder for Mercedes-Benz in Sri Lanka, has been a pivotal player in the automotive spare parts industry for over three decades. With an extensive range of Mercedes-Benz parts catering to all budget ranges, Avinda serves a vast clientele, necessitating a robust and efficient operational structure to manage its expansive business dealings effectively.

The Requirement

Operating in a highly dynamic market, Avinda Enterprises faced the challenge of managing a substantial volume of customer interactions and transactions daily. The company required an end-to-end software platform that could seamlessly integrate all critical business functions within a unified, centralised ecosystem. This platform needed to ensure efficient workflow management, robust reporting capabilities, and facilitate seamless data exchange between disparate business units. The goal was to optimise business processes, enhance operational efficiency, and drive sustained growth.

The Solution

Avinda Enterprises Solution

HighFlyer responded to this challenge by deploying its state-of-the-art low-code HighFlyer ERP system at Avinda Enterprises. This comprehensive solution was meticulously tailored to encompass crucial functionalities such as accounting, purchasing, sales, inventory management, front office point-of-sale (POS), and customer relationship management (CRM) modules.

Implementation and Re-engineering

The deployment was enhanced by HighFlyer's extensive internal expertise in business process re-engineering. This involved a meticulous examination and restructuring of existing workflows to ensure that the new ERP system not only integrated smoothly into Avinda's operations but also enhanced the stability and efficiency of business processes.


The result of this digital transformation journey was a more integrated and optimised business operation. Avinda Enterprises now benefits from a centralised database that provides accurate and real-time data insights, enabling the management team to make informed decisions quickly. The enhanced efficiency has led to improved customer satisfaction and has positioned Avinda for future growth in the competitive automotive spare parts market.


The partnership between Avinda Enterprises and HighFlyer has set a new standard in digital transformation within the automotive spare parts industry. By embracing innovative technology solutions, Avinda has not only streamlined its operations but also strengthened its market position, proving that strategic technological integration is key to adapting and thriving in dynamic market conditions.


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