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Multi-lingual POS System

Jichujyuan Chinese Restaurant

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Chinese Restaurant
Multi-lingual POS System

Key Outcomes

2 Languages

Seamless English and Mandarin Chinese POS system

2x Usability

Improved speed and efficiency in order processing


Located in the heart of Colombo, Sri Lanka, the Chinese HotPot Restaurant has been a cornerstone of authentic Chinese cuisine for over four decades. Known for its rich history and traditional culinary offerings, the restaurant has long upheld time-honoured practices and procedures. However, as the restaurant grew, so did the complexity of its operations, especially with a diverse staff comprising both Sri Lankan and Chinese employees. The existing POS system, solely in Mandarin Chinese, posed significant communication challenges and operational inefficiencies.

The Challenge

The primary challenge was the language barrier within the POS system and invoicing processes, which were exclusively in Mandarin Chinese. This setup was inconvenient for the Sri Lankan staff, who were fluent in Sinhala and English but not in Mandarin. Additionally, the previous POS system suffered from responsiveness issues, which compounded the inefficiencies during peak business hours. The restaurant also needed enhanced reporting features to allow different stakeholders to easily access and interpret sales data according to item categories.

The Multifaceted Solution by HighFlyer

Recognising the unique needs of the Chinese HotPot Restaurant, HighFlyer embarked on a project to overhaul the existing POS system. The solution was twofold: integrate a multilingual user interface and enhance the overall system responsiveness and reporting capabilities.

Chinese Hotpot POS

System Redesign

HighFlyer introduced a multilingual POS interface that supports both English and Mandarin Chinese, thereby facilitating a smoother interaction for all staff members. Each menu item was listed with its name in both languages, simplifying the ordering process and reducing errors. This also improved the customer service experience by allowing patrons to view and understand the menu in their preferred language.

Performance Enhancement

To address the unresponsiveness of the old system, HighFlyer implemented a more robust and agile POS software built on a low-code platform. This not only accelerated the transaction process but also enhanced the reliability of the system during high-traffic periods.

Advanced Reporting

HighFlyer upgraded the reporting module to provide detailed insights into sales data, categorised by item types. This feature was tailored to meet the needs of different stakeholders, enabling them to make informed decisions based on real-time data analysis.

Promotional Features

In an effort to increase sales and customer engagement, HighFlyer incorporated features for item-specific and category-wide discounts. This functionality allowed the restaurant to run targeted promotions, encouraging customers to explore a wider variety of dishes.

The Conclusion

The collaboration between Chinese HotPot Restaurant and HighFlyer resulted in a significant transformation of the restaurant’s operations. By breaking down language barriers and enhancing system functionality, the restaurant not only improved its efficiency but also enriched the working environment for its staff. Today, the Chinese HotPot Restaurant stands as a model for integrating technology in traditional settings, proving that even longstanding businesses can adapt and thrive in a digital age.


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