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Streamlining Grievances Management with GMS

HighFlyer Partners with SAFE Foundation for Efficient Record Handling

Non-Profit Organisation
Streamlining Grievances Management with GMS

Key Outcomes

3 Languages

A cloud-based, multilingual system for managing grievances

Global Accessibility

Accessible worldwide to support Sri Lankans working abroad


The SAFE Foundation is a non-governmental organization committed to fostering sustainable development across various sectors in Sri Lanka, including subsistence, health, education, environment, and social inclusion. Recognising the challenges faced by Sri Lankan workers overseas, such as issues related to employment, living conditions, and legal rights, SAFE Foundation partnered with HighFlyer to develop a solution that empowers these individuals to voice their concerns effectively.

The Challenge

Sri Lankan workers abroad frequently encounter numerous difficulties that can impact their welfare and rights. The existing mechanisms for addressing these issues were inadequate, lacking in accessibility, and did not cater to the linguistic diversity of the Sri Lankan diaspora. There was a critical need for a responsive, easy-to-use platform that could manage grievances efficiently and in multiple languages.

The Solution: SAFE Grievances Management System (GMS)


System Architecture

The SAFE GMS is a pioneering cloud-based solution designed to handle grievance submissions and tracking through a highly accessible web interface. The system comprises two main components:

  1. Public Web Application: Allows users to submit grievances in their preferred language (Sinhala, Tamil, or English) and track the status of their complaints.
  2. Management Web Application: Enables government officials to review and respond to grievances efficiently.

Hosted on Vercel, the SAFE GMS offers a serverless environment that simplifies system updates and maintenance. Developers can easily deploy changes via Github, ensuring the system remains up-to-date with minimal downtime.

Key Features

  • Multilingual Support: Ensures inclusivity and accessibility by supporting Sinhala, Tamil, and English, thereby overcoming language barriers.
  • Voice and Text Complaints: Users can submit grievances either as text or voice messages, which are securely stored on AWS S3 and accessible only through the management application.
  • SMS Notifications: Integrates with an SMS gateway to notify government officers of new tasks and provide users with reference numbers for tracking their complaints.

Impact and Future Prospects

This system not only streamlines the grievance management process but also enhances transparency and accountability. It marks a significant advancement in public service delivery in Sri Lanka, providing a model that can be replicated in other sectors or countries. Looking ahead, with additional funding, the notification system will be expanded to offer global coverage, further supporting the Sri Lankan diaspora.


HighFlyer's collaboration with the SAFE Foundation exemplifies the power of technology to facilitate significant social impact. The launch of the SAFE GMS is a major step forward in bridging the gap between Sri Lankan workers overseas and the support systems available to them. This initiative demonstrates our commitment to using technology to improve lives and empower communities globally.


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