Introducing SAFE Grievances Management System (GMS)
SAFE Foundation
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Introducing SAFE Grievances Management System (GMS)
HighFlyer's Cloud-Based Solution Empowering Sri Lankan Workers Overseas
Non Profit Organisation


HighFlyer is proud to introduce its latest cloud solution, SAFE Grievance Management System (GMS), developed for the SAFE Foundation. SAFE Foundation is a non-governmental organization (NGO) that promotes sustainable development in Sri Lanka. Their innovative programs address means of subsistence, health, education, the environment, and social inclusion. With the SAFE GMS, we aim to empower Sri Lankans working overseas with a platform to submit grievances and monitor their progress.

Sri Lankan workers overseas often face a range of difficulties related to employment, living conditions, and legal rights. To address these concerns, the SAFE GMS was developed to monitor and forward grievances to the appropriate party. This system enables users to file a complaint by providing a minimum amount of mandatory data and by recording their complaint as a voice message. After submission, users can obtain a unique reference number to track the status of their complaint.


Solution Overview

The SAFE GMS is a cloud-based solution that is accessible from any device with an internet connection. It consists of 2 web applications,

  1. The public web application that allows users to submit complaints and review their status
  2. The management web application that allows government officers to review and respond to complaints

The SAFE GMS is hosted on Vercel, a cloud platform that provides a serverless environment for web applications. When a change is required to be made to the system, the developer can simply push the changes to the source repository (Github) and the changes will be automatically deployed to the preview environment. Once the changes are verified, the developer can push the changes to the production environment.

This is the first time that such a comprehensive system has been implemented in Sri Lanka, allowing the general public to obtain information and review the progress of their complaints. The back end of the system is linked to an SMS gateway, which notifies relevant government officers at various levels that they have been tasked with a particular investigation. Additionally, the SMS gateway delivers reference numbers to users if the complainant is located in Sri Lanka. With additional funding, this notification system will be extended to function globally.

Users can submit grievances wither as text or as a voice messages. The voice messages are stored securely on AWS S3 that can be retrieved later only via the management web app by an authorized user ensuring maximum security and privacy.

The platform is available in Sinhala, Tamil, and English, eliminating the language barrier associated with implementing technology in Sri Lanka. These user interfaces are implemented on both the front end and back end of the platform, making it user-friendly for all.


HighFlyer is committed to using technology to bring positive change to communities. We are proud to work with the SAFE Foundation in promoting sustainable development in Sri Lanka. With the launch of the SAFE GMS, we hope to bridge the gap between Sri Lankans working overseas and the support they need.